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Idaho Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program

The Idaho Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program (Idaho EECBG) provides competitive subawards to cities and counties ineligible for direct grants to enable local governments to promote energy efficiency and conservation practices while continuing to meet the needs of its growing communities, reducing tax burdens, and keeping energy rates low. Section 40552 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) , also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), provides federal formula grants to States and Indian Tribes to support subgrant funding opportunities for local governments. 

EECBG 2024 Subawardees

Subawardee Total Funding Project
City of Ammon $100,000.00 Replace aging city-owned streetlights with energy efficient LED fixtures.
Blaine County $66,439.82

Upgrade thermostat units and install snow sensor controls on the Judicial and Courthouse buildings.

Purchase zero emission vehicle for county fleet.

City of Cascade $100,000.00

Replace and retrofit inefficient heat pumps in Cascade School District.

Complete a workforce development plan.

Hold a summit focused on geothermal and clean energy jobs.

Clearwater County $53,577.85

Replace emergency management system server with an energy efficient server.

City of Hailey $100,000.00 Install photo-voltaic system on the roof of the City Hall building.
City of Horseshoe Bend $100,000.00 Replace pump at the wastewater treatment plant with a more energy efficient booster pump.
City of Lewiston $100,000.00 Replace inefficient lighting fixtures in the City’s library with LED  lighting fixtures.
City of Marsing $93,500.00 Install new grinder pumps for existing wastewater treatment system operations.
City of Pierce $43,026.51 Weatherize and insulate the City Hall building.
City of Preston $100,000.00 Replace inefficient lights in two city parks with LED lights.
Shoshone County $79,454.94 Weatherize windows and replace entrance doors in the county courthouse building.
City of St. Maries $74,592.30 Replace motors at two existing wastewater pump stations with more energy efficient motors.
Teton County $23,514.00

Install an A/C split unit in the Law Enforcement Center.

Install brush seal weather-stripping around garage doors in multiple city buildings.

City of Wilder $100,000.00 Replace inefficient heating and cooling units in low-income family housing units with energy efficient mini-split air conditioning and heating units.


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