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Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance


In February of 2009, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter established the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance (ISEA) to help develop effective and long-lasting responses to existing and future energy challenges.  The purpose of the ISEA is to enable the development of a sound energy portfolio that emphasizes the importance of an affordable, reliable and secure energy supply.  Idaho’s energy portfolio includes diverse energy resources and production methods, provides the highest value to the citizens of Idaho, and maintains the integrity of the state’s natural resources.  The strategy to accomplish this purpose rests on three foundational elements:  (1) maintaining and enhancing a stable, secure, and affordable energy system, (2) determining how to maximize the economic value of our energy systems and in-state capabilities; including attracting jobs and energy-related industries, creating new businesses with potential to serve local, regional, and global markets, and (3) educating Idahoans to increase their knowledge about energy and energy issues.

  ISEA Commitment:

  1. To provide data-driven analyses, studies, options, recommendations, and other information to help decision makers, the public, and industry make informed decisions about Idaho’s energy future.
  2. To provide expert advice to Idaho decision makers regarding the connections between energy and energy-related economic development.
  3. To perform outreach and communications to the public regarding energy supply, utilization, energy efficiency, technology trends, and energy issues.


The ISEA consists of a Board of Directors and Task Forces.  The structure was developed to create an opportunity for a wide variety of our in-state energy experts to assist the state in developing achievable and effective options for improving the energy future of Idaho.

  1. Board of Directors – The Board of Directors (Board), including the Chair and Vice Chair are designated by and serve at the pleasure of the Office of the Governor and is comprised of members of the Governor’s Cabinet, representatives from Idaho stakeholders, and industry experts. The Board is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, and the Administrator of the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources.  The Board establishes, makes assignments to, and provides guidance to Task Forces for development of energy-related analyses, studies, options, and other activities.  The Board assesses the work products from these Task Forces in order to provide a fact-based objective review and recommendations for policy makers, the public, and industry regarding energy issues in Idaho.
  1. Task Forces – Task Forces are established by the Board and populated by experts who provide the range of capabilities and expertise needed to undertake assignments from the Board including development of energy-related analyses, studies, recommendations, evaluation of opportunities, risks, and benefits, identification of issues, deployment options, and other activities. Task Force members are “honest brokers” of information and analyses, providing unbiased, referenced, and defensible accurate information (facts not advocacy) to share with stakeholders and the public. Task Force members are approved by the Board.

Organization Chart

Vice Chairman Paul Kjellander recognizes former Chairman Steven Aumeier for his many years of service to the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance (ISEA).

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