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Building Resilient Infrastructure Communities

The BRIC grant program provides federal funding to states, territories, Tribal governments, and local governments to address climate change-related hazards, including extreme weather events and chronic stressors. It emphasizes principles like capacity-building, innovation, partnerships, large-scale projects, flexibility, and consistency to help communities understand disaster risk, enhance resilience, and plan transformative projects. Submission deadline for Full Applications: 2/29/2024. DHS-23-MT-047-00-98

Distributed Energy Systems Demonstrations

In this FOA, OCED is seeking projects that can demonstrate that aggregated and coordinated distributed energy resources (DERs) can provide reliable, predictable grid services for a wide range of system configurations. The program goal is to build confidence that the design, control, and compensation approaches developed can be readily applied to other portions of the distribution grid and extended to other mixes of DERs, potentially extending the value of this approach to a more diverse set of communities, individuals, and entities as the distribution system continues to change. Submission Deadline for Full Application: 02/29/2023. DE-FOA-0003139C

All-Hazards Energy Resilience

This funding opportunity will support research into technologies designed to increase resilience and reduce risks to energy delivery infrastructure from a variety of hazards, including cyber and physical threats, natural disasters, and climate-change fueled extreme weather events. The topic areas include: Cyber Research and Development, Climate Mitigation Research and Development, Wildfire Mitigation Research and Development, Physical Security Research and Development, and University-Based Research and Development. Submission deadline for Full Applications: 3/4/2024. DE-FOA-0003217

Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers; Innovation Technologies

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is announcing a Funding Opportunity titled “Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) – 2024,” on behalf of the Building Technologies Office (BTO), with an investment of up to $30 million across four areas: improving HVAC and water heating technologies, advancing affordable and scalable roof and attic retrofits, enhancing building resilience and power capacity, and promoting low-cost, high-quality commercial lighting retrofits. Submission deadline for Full Applications: 3/5/2024. DE-FOA-0003158

Small Innovative Projects in Solar (SIPS)

This funding opportunity is designed to streamline the application process to encourage applications from early-career researchers who have never applied or been selected for a Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) project award. In addition, applicants must submit a plan to broaden the participation of well-qualified members of underrepresented groups on their teams. These efforts will help to achieve the administration’s goal to increase the diversity of those working in applied energy research fields. Submission deadline for Full Applications: 3/6/2024. DE-FOA-0002888

Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Guaranteed Loans & Grants

The program provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems or to make energy efficiency improvements. Agricultural producers may also apply for new energy efficient equipment and new system loans for agricultural production and processing. Submission deadline for Full Applications: 3/31/2024.

Combines Wellbore Construction High Temperature Tools and Reservoir Thermal Energy Storage

GTO actively pursues research, development, and demonstration projects to facilitate technology validation and demonstration, reduce cost, and improve performance of geothermal technologies. The economic viability of geothermal projects across the resource spectrum depends on developing and improving enabling technologies and detailed understanding of the subsurface, including geologic qualities, permeability, and other attributes. Projects under Topic Area 1 will reduce costs and technical challenges associated with wellbore construction for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), which will expand opportunities to tap firm, flexible, domestic geothermal energy nationwide and support DOE’s Enhanced Geothermal Shot™. Projects under Topic Area 2 can help reduce emissions from energy-intensive industrial heating processes, spur RTES technology towards being a long-term, reliable decarbonization technology for U.S. industry and manufacturing, and support DOE’s Industrial Heat Shot™. Submission deadline for Letters of Intent: 3/1/2024. Submission deadline for Full Applications: 4/1/2024. DE-FOA-0003292

Transmission Siting and Economic Development Grant Program

The goal of the Transmission Siting and Economic Development Grant Program is for states, tribes, and local governments to accelerate and strengthen electric transmission siting and permitting processes. Through this program, DOE will support two distinct categories of activities related to the development of new or upgraded interstate and offshore transmission lines: siting and permitting and economic development. Concept papers are due 11/17/2023. Submission Deadline for Full Application: 04/05/2024. DE-FOA-0003101

Carbon Utilization Procurement Grants

The goal of the Carbon Utilization Procurement Grants program is to speed up adoption of advanced carbon management technologies, creating a market for environmentally sustainable alternatives in fuels, chemicals, and building products sourced from captured emissions from industrial and power generation facilities by providing $100 million to support eligible entities in purchasing products derived from converted carbon emissions. Concept papers are due any time during the application period. Submission Deadline for Full Application: 04/30/2024. DE-FOA-0002829

Vehicle Technologies Office Technical Integration Funding

The DOE has announced $15 million of funding that will drive innovation in equitable clean transportation and is aligned with strategies detailed in the U.S. National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization. Topic areas for the funding opportunity include Clean Cities Outreach, Engagement, and Technical Assistance; Training on Zero Emission Vehicle and Infrastructure Technologies for Critical Emergency Response Workers; and Clean Transportation Demonstration and Deployment. Submission Deadline for Concept Papers: 3/12/2024. Submission Deadline for Full Applications: 4/30/2024. DE-FOA-0003250

Platform Technologies for Transformative Battery Manufacturing

This opportunity will advance platform technologies upon which battery manufacturing capabilities can be built. This research and development will improve manufacturability and scalability of sodium-ion batteries, flow batteries, and nanolayered films for energy storage. The funding opportunity will also integrate smart manufacturing technologies to increase productivity and lower the cost for domestic battery production. Submission deadline for Concept Papers: 3/4/2024. Submission deadline for Full Applications: 5/7/2024. DE-FOA-0003236

Advancement in Artificial Intelligence for Science

The DOE has announced $36 million for advancements in AI for science. This funding is for basic computer science and applied mathematics research in the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) for science. Specifically, advancements in this area are sought that can enable the development of foundation models for computational science, automated scientific workflows and laboratories, scientific programming and scientific-knowledge-management systems, federated and privacy-preserving training for foundation and other AI models for science, and energy-efficient AI algorithms and hardware for science. Submission Deadline for Letters of Intent: 3/19/2024. Submission Deadline for Full Applications: 5/21/2024. DE-FOA-0003264

Inflation Reduction Act Funding for Biofuels

­This funding opportunity is an investment through a new agreement between EPA and DOE is funded by President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and will support high-impact biofuel technology projects to improve the performance and reduce the cost of biofuel production technologies, scale up production systems in partnership with industry, and accelerate the nation’s bio-economy. The FOA includes up to $9.4 million in federal funding to achieve the above outcomes by supporting two Topic Areas focusing on research and development to advance technologies from the bench scale to pilot scale Submission Deadline for Concept Papers: 3/22/2024. Submission Deadline for Full Applications: 5/24/2024. DE-FOA-0003178

Energy and Emissions Intensive Industries

This funding opportunity announcement focuses on applied research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) for the highest GHG-emitting industrial subsectors, specifically: chemicals and fuels; iron and steel; food and beverage; building and infrastructure materials (including cement and concrete, asphalt pavements, and glass); and forest products. Together, these industries account for more than 65% of U.S. industrial manufacturing emissions. Submission deadline for Concept Papers: 3/19/2024. Submission deadline for Full Applications: 6/11/2024.  DE-FOA-0003219

Regional Resource Hubs for Purpose-Grown Crops

The DOE has announced $29 million in funding to drive research, development, and demonstration of low-carbon-intensity, purpose-grown energy crops critical to accelerating a clean energy economy. The Regional Resource Hubs for Purpose-Grown Energy Crops funding opportunity announcement will advance a domestic supply chain of alternative carbon sources necessary to produce biofuels and bioproducts to decarbonize the transportation and industry sectors, as well as innovate and grow the U.S. agricultural industry. The opportunity supports one topic area focused on the advancement of low carbon-intensity, purpose-grown energy crops across varied agronomic and geographic landscapes through the generation of data and research findings. Submission Deadline for Concept Papers: 3/14/2024. Submission Deadline for Full Applications: 6/13/2024. DE-FOA-0003208

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