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Federal Funding Opportunities

Registration is open for the National Community Solar Partnership (NCSP):

This is a coalition of stakeholders organized by the U.S. DOE, who are working to expand access to affordable community solar. NCSP plans to accomplish their goal of more affordable community solar through a network of infrastructure, technical assistance and collaboration. DOE will work to equip partners with tools and information needed to design and implement successful community solar models.

CABLE Conductor Manufacturing Prize is Open for Applications:

The Conductivity-enhanced materials for Affordable, Breakthrough Leapfrog Electric applications (CABLE) Conductor Manufacturing Prize, an American-Made Challenge, is a three-stage, three-year prize that will award up to $4.5 million to competitors that identify and verify new materials and methods that achieve conductivity. Competitors must also offer a pathway to produce the new conductivity-enhanced material affordably. Submission for the competition is due June 8, 2021.

DOE Announces Funding for E-ROBOT Prize:

The U.S. DOE has released up to $5 million in funding for their first-ever American Made Buildings Prize on Envelope Retrofit Opportunities for Building Optimization Technologies (E-ROBOT). This prize is meant to incentivize the development and advancement of robotic capabilities and controls for building envelop retrofits. This is the beginning of Phase I of the E-ROBOT prize; researchers, small businesses, students and non-profits based in the U.S. are encouraged to apply. Applications are due May 12, 2021.

DOE Seeking to Fund Flow Battery R&D Projects:

The U.S. DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office is looking to reward up to $20 million for multi-stage R&D projects that look to develop and improve the manufacturing process of individual flow battery components that can be integrated into prototype systems for mid-sized capacity industrial applications. Projects should address these challenges in energy storage manufacturing: enable cost-effective, scalable manufacturing for mid-sized flow battery systems, test and validate flow battery’s manufacturability, and strengthen U.S. flow battery supply chains. Concept papers are due April 29, 2021.

U.S DOE Seeking Proposals for New Small Commercial Building Assessment Centers:

The U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office in collaboration with the Advanced Manufacturing Office is seeking proposals for new small commercial business assessment centers (sCACs) to create a pipeline of skilled jobs that provide energy efficiency upgrades in small commercial buildings. The sCACs will train students to conduct energy assessments, including on-the-spot upgrades of existing small and medium-sized commercial buildings. sCACs will partner with university-led industrial assessment centers (IAC) to offer training and hands-on experience to community colleges and technical program partners. Applications are due April 22, 2021.


For further funding opportunities please follow this link to DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office’s Funding Opportunity Exchange.

For additional funding opportunities from USDA please follow this link: you are looking for energy-related program opportunities, please use the filters located on the USDA’s webpage; this link is to a list of all of USDA’s funding opportunities.

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