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Wind is a clean source of renewable energy. Most wind energy comes from turbines. Wind farms have tens to hundreds of large turbines lined up in windy areas and ridges. Smaller turbines erected on private property can produce enough electricity for a single home.

Low interest energy loans are available for qualifying projects.


The State of Idaho encourages the development of wind power on state endowment lands.

Idaho has over 2 million acres of endowment land. The Idaho Department of Lands manages this land with the express purpose of creating income for the Idaho State Endowment Fund, which funds schools and other state institutions.

In the 2008 session, the Idaho Legislature passed HCR 054. Its purpose is:

…to direct and encourage the Governor, the Office of Energy, and the Land board to work toward the development of energy production of renewable resources on state endowment lands for the purpose of maximizing the potential returns for education.

More information can be obtained by visiting the Idaho Department of Lands home page.


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